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a close up of a computer mouse with a scroll-wheel

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Sometimes a page in a document or a website is too big for you to see everything on the screen at once. When that happens, you need to move down the page to see it all.

This is called scrolling. You may already know how to do this using a keyboard, but you can also do it using a mouse.

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The scroll wheel

There are different ways to scroll using a mouse.

First, if your mouse has one, try the scroll wheel. Just roll one way and see how the content on the screen moves, then roll the wheel the other way when you want to go in the opposite direction.

a computer mouse showing the ways a scroll-wheel can be moved
the scroll bar and up arrow that you often find on the right hand side of a web page

The scroll bar

Not every mouse has a scroll wheel. If your mouse doesn't have one, don't worry. There are other ways that you can scroll using the mouse.

On the right-hand side of a page, you may see a vertical bar with arrows at the top and bottom. This is called the scroll bar.

Inside the scroll bar, there will be a box. The length of this box will depend on the amount of content on the page you are viewing.

Using a scroll bar

So, how do you use a scroll bar? In the next slide, you can watch the video that demonstrates how to use your mouse to control how the page scrolls up or down. Press the 'Continue' button and then play the video.

a laptop computer showing how you can scroll using the touchpad

Scrolling on a laptop

On a laptop, you can also scroll up and down a page using the touchpad (also known as a track pad).

To do this, place two fingers together on the touchpad, move them down or up and the content on the screen should move in the same direction, like pushing a sheet of paper.


Well done, you've come to the end of the Scrolling activity.

You've learnt about using the scroll-wheel on a mouse, as well as using the scroll-bar on a desktop PC and a laptop.

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a man relaxing with his laptop computer