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Facebook profiles

A mobile phone with the Facebook log in page displayed.

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This activity will help you learn more about Facebook profiles. You will read about how to sign up to Facebook, as well as some features of the profile page and how to see updates from your family and friends.

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A computer screen showing Colin's Facebook profile page

Your profile and timeline

When you join Facebook, you will have your own personal page called your profile.

Your Facebook profile page is also called your timeline and is your very own page on the site.

You can use it to add photos, leave updates and keep in touch with others.

Your profile helps other people on Facebook find you. To make your own profile, you need to sign up and start entering your details. Let's now look at how to sign up.

Your details

To sign up to Facebook, you need to enter some details about yourself.

You'll need to provide your full name, your gender, and your date of birth.

A sign up dialogue box requesting name and contact details
Shows a section of the 'About' page where you can add details about work and education for other people to see

This information is just used at the beginning. You can decide what is shown to other people.

You'll also need your email address and a strong password. A strong password should contain a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols, like T1me!0rd.

A sign up dialogue box requesting name, email, password and date of birth
A facebook introduction window confirming that an account has been created and showing options for next steps

Confirm your account

Facebook will then send a message to the email address you have given, asking you to Confirm Your Account by selecting a link within the message.

Signing up

Here's Colin's profile. This is where Colin can add the information he wants to show on Facebook. It's divided up into sections to make it easier to read.

Let's look at the steps Colin needs to go through to add information to his profile.

A computer screen showing Colin's Facebook profile page
Colin's Facebook profile page highlighting the 'About' button

Colin's Profile

This is where Colin can add or edit information.

To update his profile information, Colin selects the About option.

About Colin

Now you can see Colin's profile.

On his profile, he can add information about himself. He wants to add his hometown to his profile.

To do this, Colin selects the Add your hometown link.

Colin's Facebook profile page highlighting the 'Add your hometown' button
Colin's Facebook profile page highlighting the 'Add your current city' section

Places lived

Colin is from Sydney, so he types Sydney in the Hometown box.

As he types, a list of suggestions appears. The top option is the one Colin wants so he selects that option.

Saving changes

Having selected his Hometown, Colin selects the Save Changes button to make sure his new information is saved to his profile.

Colin's Facebook profile page highlighting the 'Save changes' button
Colin's Facebook profile page highlighting Sydney, Australia as Colin's current city

Updated profile

Colin's hometown is now set as Sydney, so all his friends can see this.

He can add other personal information to his profile in the same way.

Colin's news feed

This is Colin's news feed.

The news feed is the first page you'll see when you log in to Facebook. Colin's feed is looking pretty empty at the moment, but that's because he's only just joined.

Your news feed will show any messages, photos and updates from friends. So to make his news feed more exciting, Colin needs to find and add his friends and family.

A computer screen showing Colin's Facebook news feed

eSafety Tip

Colin has decided that he only wants to share his updates with family and friends. He has therefore gone into his account settings and clicked on 'privacy' to make changes to who can see his updats and profile on Facebook. If you would like to do the same, ask a friend to help you do this.

Shows someone successfully using Facebook on their smartphone


Well done, you've come to the end of the Creating your Facebook profile activity.

You've learnt how Colin can create his own personal page on Facebook.

In the next activity, Adding friends on Facebook, you'll learn how Colin can connect with other people using Facebook.