Posting messages on Facebook


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Posting messages on Facebook

Colin prepares to post his first message on Facebook with the help of his tablet

What's coming up

Colin now wants to post his first message on Facebook.

The next few slides will show us how Colin will do this.

Start activity

What's on your mind?

First, Colin selects the 'What's on your mind?' box.

Colin's Facebook news feed highlighting the 'What's on your mind' text field

Typing a message

Next, he types Hello!

Colin's Facebook news feed with some text now typed in the 'What's on your mind' text field

Posting a message

Finally, Colin selects the Post button.

Colin's Facebook news feed highlighting the post button
An image Lizzie posted on Facebook with the comment button highlighted

Replying, liking and posting images

Status updates are just one way Colin can use Facebook to talk to his friends and family.

Colin will be able to use the Comment button to respond to Lizzie or his friends' posts.

When he does reply, Lizzie's friends will also be able to see his response.

If Colin enjoys one of Lizzie's posts, he can select the Like button.

This will show up in her news feed and let her know his reaction.

An image Lizzie posted on Facebook with the like button highlighted
A window showing that Colin is about to create a post with the Photo/video album button highlighted

Colin can use photos as well as words to respond. Any time the camera icon appears, he can select it and add a photo that's stored on his computer to a status or response.

In the pop-up, Colin can find where the image is stored on his computer, and double click it.

A window showing options of files that Colin can attach from his computer
Colin has posted an image on Facebook

Facebook will then upload this photo to the site, so all Colin has to do is select Post.

Keeping things private

If he wants, Colin can decide which updates can be seen by the public.

In the Facebook Settings area, Colin can set what posts can be seen on his profile.

Highlights the padlock icon found in the top right corner of a Facebook page on a computer
Highlights the settings button found in a drop down menu after the padlock icon has been selected

As time goes on, Facebook add new features, so it's good to check the settings every so often. Then you can be sure that your privacy choices are up to date.

If Colin wants to send a message that only Lizzie can see, he can use the Facebook Chat function.

Shows a message window where Colin has sent Lizzie a private message
Colin is happy with himself as he has successfully posted a message on Facebook and can now keep in touch with family and friends


Well done, you've come to the end of the Posting messages on Facebook activity.

You've seen how quickly and easily Colin can send a message to Lizzie using Facebook - why not try sending a message to someone you know?

In the next activity, Making more connections on Facebook, you'll help Colin find more ways to keep in touch.