A world of choice


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A world of choice

TV, radio, news and music icons

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As you've seen during this course, there are different ways of watching and listening online to suit everyone.

Whether you want to catch up with the best TV programs, make playlists of your favourite songs, or follow the news on the radio, there's a service out there for you.

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Happy families

Watching and listening online has helped the whole family in lots of different ways.

Tamara and Darren don't have to miss programs or disagree over what to watch anymore.

With catch-up TV and subscription services, they can keep up with all their favourite shows and find films that they'll both enjoy watching together.

A couple relax on the couch watching tv
A couple listen to online radio through their phone and wireless headphones

Since David introduced her to online radio, Gran has been finding stations she can tune in to all over the world.

Now she can listen to her favourite 60s songs at any time of day, and she's even thinking of sending in requests by email.

David loves the TV subscription service as he can watch comedy series for hours on end without having to buy the DVDs.

He's also signed up to a music streaming site so that he can listen to songs and download them legally.

David relaxes on his bed while he streams shows on his laptop
Sarah waits for a video to load on Youtube on her phone

Sarah already knew that YouTube was great for watching cute cat videos, but now she uses it to find tutorials helping her to master the guitar.

She's started sharing her own videos as well so that her friends can see her playing new songs.


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Two different generations enjoy watching online videos on their screen