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Hitting the right notes - YouTube

A smartphone with YouTube on the screen

What's coming up

YouTube is a hugely popular video website where you can listen to music, watch videos, watch cooking tutorials, or search for helpful videos on any of your hobbies. This activity takes a dive into what YouTube is and what you can do with it.

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A close up image of Sarah playing guitar

What's that racket?

The family have noticed a lot of noise coming from upstairs.

Sarah is learning how to play the guitar in her room. She's been practising for a while but she's not making much progress ...

...or at least her mum doesn't think so. Mum has just told her to pack it in and give her some peace and quiet, so Sarah's doing her next favourite thing instead...

The finger to mouth gesturing to be quiet
A cat is perched on top of a scratching post in a lion outfit

... watching cat videos online with her best friend Emily. Sarah and Emily are always finding cute animal videos to watch, especially on YouTube.

A great idea

Emily tells Sarah that maybe she could try looking for guitar tutorials on YouTube to help her learn how to play.

Sarah's not so sure, but after a quick search she's amazed to find that there are lots of free videos showing her how to play her favourite songs. Once her mum's calmed down a bit, Sarah starts practising again, and follows the videos this time to see how it's done.

A computer screen showing a guitar tutorial on YouTube

Do it yourself

Fortunately for Sarah and her mum, there's more to online videos than just cute animals. Let's have a look at how to search YouTube for a video.

On the next slide is a practice that includes some steps to try yourself. Select the Continue button below to begin and then follow the instructions on the right hand side of the screen.

Do it yourself

Do it yourself

This is an interactive activity that allows learners to practise searching YouTube for a video to watch. This activity has no sound track and is made up of a number of images and text instructions with opportunities for the user to enter text or click on links as part of the exercise.

This is to encourage confidence using the internet by practising a simple exercise in a simulated environment.

If a mistake is made during this exercise, there will be a prompt to ask you to try it again. If another mistake is made, the video will show you how to complete that section of the exercise.

A computer showing a YouTube page with the words 'Restricted Mode' highlighted

Restricted mode

If Darren and Tamara are worried about Sarah using YouTube by herself, they can create a user account and switch on the Restricted Mode. This means that any inappropriate content will get filtered out.

Restricted Mode can be turned on at the bottom of any YouTube page.

The key to success

A few days later, Sarah's guitar playing has really improved.

With the help of the video tutorials, Sarah has learned how to play some of her favourite songs all the way through.

An acoustic guitar and headphones lie on the floor
A photo of a 'thumbs up' gesture

Nobody's complaining about Sarah's guitar practice any more – in fact, her mum tells her she sounds great.

Sarah's so pleased with what she's learned that she films herself playing one of her new songs. She puts the video on YouTube so that all her friends can see it as well.

A smartphone with earphones attached displays the YouTube opening page
Someone opens up YouTube on their tablet


Well done, you've come to the end of the Hitting the right notes - YouTube activity.

You've learned that you can use YouTube to watch, learn and share things whenever you like!

In the next activity, Get tuned in - online music, you'll learn about listening to music using the internet.