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Do more with Google Earth

The Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand

What's coming up?

In this activity, we will explain how a wonderful online resource – called Google Arts & Culture – adds a new dimension to Google Earth.

We'll talk about how to find Google Arts & Culture and the amazing tours it can take you on around the world.

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Explore the world

Google Earth is so much more than just an interactive map of the world. When you're exploring a location in Google Earth, there are links you can click to discover a range of amazing online resources that do far more than just show you around.

A screenshot of the Guggenheim Museum location taken from Google Arts & Culture
A close up of Vincent Van Gogh's brushstrokes, taken from an example on Google Arts & Culture

Embrace the arts

Google Arts & Culture is a great example of how Google Earth can help broaden our horizons. It lets you explore the world's great museums and art galleries – even artworks in huge detail – from London's British Museum and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, to Washington's Smithsonian and Beijing's Palace Museum.

Enter the virtual world of arts and culture

Google Arts & Culture is a separate website to Google Earth, but you can find your way there from Google Earth when you're keen to learn more about the world's great cultural treasures.

You can visit Google Arts & Culture at:

A screenshot from the Google Arts & Culture website with just a few highlights on offer
An example of a Google Voyager article - this one's on the planet Mars

Embark on a voyage

Over the next few activities, we will show you how to bring Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture together using Google Earth's Voyager feature. (You can learn about Voyager in the Google Earth – more than just a map course.)

Exploring them together ensures that you’re getting the most from the virtual tours you take around the globe.


You’ve completed the Do more with Google Earth activity. You've learned that, alongside websites like Google Arts & Culture, Google can take you through the world's great museums and art galleries, as well as many other fascinating places.

Next up, we’ll look closely at how to use these tools and what Google Voyager can do, in the More Google Voyager adventures activity.

Statues of Socrates and Athena in Athens