What can I blog about?


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What can I blog about?

Setting up the camera for a blog on growing vegetables

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In this activity, you'll learn what makes a good blog topic and how to make your blog posts interesting and engaging.

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Blog about anything

You can blog about absolutely anything: cars, holidays, gardening, cooking, work experience, daily thoughts, whatever you like!

But, if you're going to focus on a particular subject then it's best to stick to something you're passionate about. This way you're less likely to lose enthusiasm for your blog.

Surfing is a popular topic for blogging about
Blog on subjects you are passionate about

Blog about your passions

If you blog about something you're passionate about, that passion will also shine through in your posts, which will encourage people to keep reading and add messages to the comments section of your blog site.

Blog topics

Writing a blog offers the chance to tell your story and share it with the world. You might blog about the issues on your mind today, or some of the interesting things you've done in your life.

Any hobby is a great subject for a blog - you will find lots of people share your interests when you publish your posts
Jot down some of your hobbies and activities - any of them can become a blog subject

Ideas for blog topics

You might also blog about a specific topic. You could share your expertise and encourage others, or blog about your journey when embracing a new passion.

Here are some topic ideas for your blog:

  • Travel, holidays and family activities.
  • Cooking or arts and crafts.
  • DIY repairs and renovations.
  • Motoring.
  • Games or sport.

Introduce personal experiences

While it helps to be knowledgeable about the topic you choose to blog about, a great blog should also be personal. More than facts, a blog should be about feelings, opinions and your own experience.

Adding your personal thoughts and feelings to a blog can make it a more interesting and engaging resource for people to learn about your interests
A grandfather explains how to use carpentry tools to his granddaughter

More about you

You might, for example, blog about your experiences tackling a new project or dealing with a new challenge. You can share that journey with your readers and perhaps even learn from each other.

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eSafety tip

As with all the things we do on the internet, we should be mindful of what personal information we are sharing online. Even though a blog should be personal, avoid giving out personal details such as your date of birth, address and so on.

More up-to-date than a website

While you might find websites about your favourite topics, the information on those websites probably isn't updated very often. The beauty of a blog page is that it's always changing.

A blog can bring be updated in a moment - so it can be much more up to date than a website
A cookery blog on a tablet device

Blogs are dynamic

A blog is dynamic because it is quick and easy to update with new thoughts and ideas. You just write down your thoughts and everything else is taken care of automatically and appears online immediately.

Well done!

You've completed the What can I blog about? activity. You've learned that the best blogs are personal, and share stories about your feelings, opinions and experiences. Also, because it's so quick and easy to publish a post, blogs are often more topical than a typical website.

Next up, you'll learn how to start your own blog in the Get blogging! activity.

Cooking up a storm using a cookery blog for inspiration