Topic outline

  • What is a tablet?

    In this course, you will learn about what a tablet is and the fundamentals of how to use one. A tablet is like a portable computer, and you will learn how to move the cursor, open programs and type by using the tablet's glass screen, known as a touchscreen.

    The best way to view this course is on a laptop or desktop computer, but with your tablet in your hands so you can follow along.

    First, we have a short video to watch, and you'll find more learning activities listed below the video.


    Welcome to "What is a tablet?". In this video, we'll be looking at one of the most popular types of computer, the tablet. A tablet is a small computer about the size of a book. It's small and light, so you can take it anywhere. Unlike a desktop computer or laptop, a tablet doesn't have a mouse or a keyboard with buttons. You control it by touching the screen with your fingers instead.

    The screen is called a touchscreen. Just like a laptop, a tablet has an internal battery. The battery can last many hours, even days, before it runs down. You can recharge the battery by connecting the tablet to mains power with a cable. A tablet has a power switch which turns the screen on ... and off. The main screen of a tablet is called the home screen. It has a lot of small symbols called applications, or apps, for short.

    Apps are small computer programs that allow you to do a range of things on your tablet. To start using an app, just tap on it with your finger. You can also use your fingers to do other things on a tablet. Swipe ... left or right across the screen with your finger to browse photos or turn a page. Or move your fingers up and down the screen to scroll a page. When you need to type, a keyboard will automatically appear on the screen. There are many things you can do with a tablet, and you'll learn more about them in the following activities.