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Search engines

A stock image of a selection of different search engine web pages

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Remembering the address of every website you want to visit on the internet would be impossible. That's where a search engine comes in handy.

In this activity, you will learn about search engines, and how they can help find what you're looking for on the internet.

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What a search engine does

A search engine is like a directory for the internet. When you need to find a website or information on a particular topic, you can use a search engine.

The web browser that comes with every smartphone, computer and tablet will have a search engine already setup, so it can be quick and easy to get started.

Some of the most popular search engines are:

A computer screen displaying the Google search page
A Google search for Dalmatians using the search bar

How to search

Starting a search can be easy. The first step is to open the web browser on your device and type what you're looking for into the big Search bar.

If you're looking for information on Dalmatian dogs, for example, you could type Dalmatians into the Search bar.

The search engine will look for web pages with information that matches your search, and show a page of search results. Each result will be a link to a web page. Clicking on a link will take you to that web page, and information about your search.

A computer screen showing the search results of a Google search on dalmatian dogs
Two options to search using a web browser address bar and a search engine search bar

Other ways to search

The web browser on your device may let you search from the Search bar of its inbuilt search engine, but there are other ways to search too.

Use a Search engine website

Type the web address of a search engine into your web browser Address bar, then make your search from the search engine's website. You might enter, for example, then type what you're looking for into its Search bar.

Use the Web browser Address bar

Type a search term into the Address bar of your web browser, and its inbuilt search engine can perform the search for you. This means you can type a search term into the Address bar or Search bar of your browser.

A close up of a search for Dalmatians using the web browser address bar

Performing a search

It's time to see a search in practice ... and to find out more about Dalmatians!

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A stock image of a Google search page


Well done, you've completed the Search engines activity.

A search engine is your gateway to the internet, and as you use it you'll get to know how it works and how you can get better results by refining your search terms.

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