How myGov benefits you


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How myGov benefits you

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In this activity, you’ll learn how myGov can help you stay organised, and why it can be more convenient than some other ways of accessing important government services.

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No more paperwork!

Keeping on top of all those notices and letters from the government is important, but all it takes is for one piece of paper to get misplaced, and things can get complicated!

The myGov Inbox helps you to keep on top of things, because all your letters and notices are kept in one place, organised in the order you received them.

Get things done securely

Because the personal information it stores is so important, the security for your myGov account is very tight. You can process important claims, change your personal details, and view very private information, all safely and securely.

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myGov puts you in control

When you use myGov, you have control of your own personal information. You don’t need to queue up at a government office, and then ask a government employee to look it up for you.

While government employees are, of course, required to treat your information confidentially, some people are uncomfortable with a stranger looking at their financial or medical details. You can avoid this by using myGov.

Save precious time

Perhaps the biggest benefit of myGov is that it can save you time. If you just need to do something simple, like check your pension, or update your mobile number, you can do it online in a few minutes. No queuing in offices or waiting on hold on the phone.

Of course, if you have questions or a complex situation you need advice about, you can always visit the relevant government office if you want, even if you already have myGov set up.

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Well done!

This is the end of the How myGov benefits you activity. You’ve learned how myGov can make your life easier in various ways, especially when it comes to saving time, and accessing your private information securely and safely.

In the next activity How myGov helps with Centrelink and the ATO, we’ll look a bit more closely at some of the services these provide and what you need to access them using myGov.