How myGov helps with My Health Record and Medicare


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How myGov helps with My Health record and Medicare

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In this activity, you’ll learn how myGov can make it much easier to access information in your My Health Record and Medicare accounts.

When it comes to medical information, privacy is paramount, so you’ll also find out how myGov helps keep your sensitive health information secure.

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My Health Record and myGov

The My Health Record service lets you see your pathology reports, add and manage your Advanced Care Plan (if you have one), control who can see your information, and update important health records.

The myGov website lets you see all this from the convenience of your own device at home, safely and securely. We show you more about My Health Record in the My Health Record and myGov course later on.

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Private medical files can be controlled through myGov access.

My Health Record and your privacy

You can manage what others see about your medical history in your My Health Record.

You can allow Representatives, such as a family member, friend or health professionals helping with your care, to access your health record. There are also lots of options for managing exactly what kinds of information your Representatives or others can see about your medical history.

Medicare and myGov

You’re probably familiar with most of the things you can do with Medicare, and the good news is that with a myGov account, you can do almost all of those from the comfort of your own home.

You can lodge and process claims, see information about benefits, such as which medicines are covered by Medicare, vaccine certificates and much more.

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Claiming Medicare refunds can be done through your myGov access.

Processing a Medicare claim with myGov

Sometimes, you won’t be able to make a Medicare claim at the doctor’s office, but that doesn’t mean you have to visit a service centre, such as a Centrelink office, to get your benefit. With myGov, you can claim a Medicare refund online, without the hassle of leaving the house.

We show you how, step-by-step, in the upcoming Claiming Medicare with myGov course.

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