What is myGov?


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What is myGov?

The myGov, Medicare, My Health Record, ATO and Centrelink logos.

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In this activity you'll learn what myGov is, how it can benefit you, and how your personal details are kept safe and secure.

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myGov: A secure way to access services online

There are a lot of government services to keep track of - health, tax, pension, and more. It's easy to forget something in all those piles of paper, so myGov gives you a way to organise all of that securely online, with a single login and one password.

A graphic of a myGov word mark.
An illustration of correspondence and an envelope.

myGov keeps correspondence secure

There can be lots of important letters, emails and notices to read when it comes to the government services you access.

The myGov website keeps all of these records safe in your myGov Inbox, and will let you know when a new letter or message has been received, so you won't miss anything.

myGov is free

To use myGov, all you need to do is set up a free myGov account. You can then link your different services to your newly created myGov account. We'll explain how to do this later in the course, but it's very simple and secure.

An illustration showing myGov can be linked to your online ATO account.
A checklist of services you can link to myGov, including Centrelink, Medicare, My Health Record, and the ATO.

Key myGov services

myGov is especially useful for accessing services such as:

  • the pension and other Centrelink payments
  • your Medicare and My Health Record accounts
  • filing and claiming with the Australian Tax Office.

You can claim Medicare rebates, check your pension entitlements, and get lots of help with your tax return, too.

Well done!

This is the end of the What is myGov? activity.

You've learned that myGov is a free, secure and convenient way to manage and keep up to date with all your government services, all in one place.

In the next activity, Basic features of myGov, you'll find out what's involved in setting up your myGov account, and what you'll need before you can begin.

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