Why would I want Wi-Fi on the go?


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Why would I want Wi-Fi on the go?

A grandfather enjoying relaxing with a tablet device at a café

What's coming up?

In this activity, we'll talk about some of the reasons using a public Wi-Fi network can be convenient and useful.

You'll learn some typical uses of public Wi-Fi, and we'll give you some more tips on what not to do on public Wi-Fi.

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Using public Wi-Fi

Morris knows where to get public Wi-Fi, so he's taking his laptop computer as well as his phone today. He likes the convenience of having internet when he's out and about as his important information is right at his fingertips. He's also able to get information he might need for something he's doing, or for somewhere he needs to go.

Let's see how Morris uses public Wi-Fi.

Say hello to Morris. Morris will be showing us how he uses public Wi-Fi safely
A laptop can hold a lot more information than a heavy pile of books, but is easier to carry around

At the library

Morris visits the library to research his family history, but he doesn't have to carry a heavy bag full of notes and references.

His local library offers Wi-Fi, so he only needs to take his laptop computer. If he needs to check a date or birthplace, he can look it up online.

Morris always remembers to bring a power adaptor too so his laptop doesn't run out of battery power!

Getting around

At lunch, Morris uses the café's public Wi-Fi to check the timetable on the transport website for when the next bus leaves. He uses internet maps to see where the bus stop is and find out how long it will take him to walk there.

Morris is checking the distance from the café to his bus stop on his mobile phone
Morris is food shopping and checks the recipe he wants to cook tonight using his mobile phone

Food shopping

At the supermarket, Morris is buying ingredients for a new recipe. Did it need basil or oregano? He can quickly check the cooking website, using his phone and the shopping centre's public Wi-Fi.

Shopping centre

Morris sees a pair of shoes that are just what his wife has been looking for. He takes a photo of them on his smartphone and sends it to her using the shopping centre's public Wi-Fi. She responds with a thumbs-up emoji, and he buys them for her.

Morris and his wife text each other to confirm the shoes he's found are just about perfect
Taking a mobile phone out with you can help you find answers to questions that just pop up on your travels

No need to plan

When Morris leaves home, he can take all the information and notes he knows he will need for the day out. But what about the information he doesn't know he needs?

Having the internet on the go is great for dealing with unexpected questions.

An icon of a padlock

eSafety tip

But there are some risks...

Public Wi-Fi can be useful and convenient, but these networks are usually less secure than your home Wi-Fi, especially if they are set up so you don't even need to enter a password. You can learn more about public Wi-Fi safety in the upcoming activity called Staying safer using public Wi-Fi.

Well done!

This is the end of the Why would I want Wi-Fi on the go? activity. Great work!

You've learned some of the main reasons it's useful to stay connected when out and about - you can carry less but have more information at your fingertips.

Next up, we'll show you how to go about getting online, in the Connecting to public Wi-Fi Activity.

Staying connected when you are out and about doesn't need to be expensive. You can connect your device to public Wi-Fi and use it safely by following a few precautions.