Topic outline

  • Android phone:
    Listening to podcasts

    This animated course shows how to listen to podcasts on your Android phone using the free ABC Listen app.

    It shows how to download the app, find radio programs and podcasts, live-stream or listen to them later, and also how to follow, auto-download and delete episodes you've saved.

    Watch our animation by pressing the Play button below, or click on the handy chapters icon in the video playbar (it is the third icon from the right) to go straight to the information you want to see, such as how to:

    1. download the ABC Listen app from the Google Play Store
    2. open and explore the ABC Listen app
    3. explore podcasts in the ABC Listen app
    4. stream a podcast
    5. download a podcast
    6. find and play a downloaded podcast
    7. Follow and Auto Download podcasts
    8. find podcasts you follow
    9. manage your downloads and playback settings.