How iCloud storage works


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How iCloud storage works

Saving photos to the cloud

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In this activity, you will find out a bit more about how iCloud apps work with your iCloud storage, your files and photos, and your Apple devices.

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To get ready for this activity, open your web browser and type into the address bar.

When the page loads, enter your Apple ID email address and your password to sign into your account.

icloud sign in screen
Saving a document to the cloud

You can sync files to the cloud with iCloud

iCloud is the name of Apple’s cloud service. It includes apps that can sync files to the cloud, and a special cloud app called iCloud Drive, which you can use to manage, open, and even edit your files in other iCloud apps.

What you can store and sync with iCloud

Your iCloud account makes sure all your files are kept up to date and synced between your Apple devices and the cloud. Things you can sync with iCloud include:

  • Emails
  • Documents (letters, articles, PDFs and more)
  • Photos taken with your iPhone or iPad, or added via MacOS.
  • Your contacts.
Syncing a range of files to the cloud
The icloud settings URL

Managing your iCloud storage

To manage your iCloud storage, enter into your web browser’s address bar. You might need to provide your Apple ID and password to sign in.

The Account Settings website

This page shows how much storage you have left and also how it is being used between different things, such as Photos and Videos, or Backup of your iPhone or iPad.

The storage bar
A range of Apple devices

How to see which devices are using iCloud

On the Account Settings page, you can also see which of your Apple devices are currently syncing with iCloud or sync each time you connect them to the internet. You can see the list under My Devices.


eSafety tip

On the My Devices information screen, you can also see which payment options are set up with Apple Pay on each device. If you lose a device or it is stolen, you can Remove this payment method from here. Then, even if someone gets into your Apple device, they won’t be able to use it to make Apple Pay purchases or buy anything from the App Store.

Exploring Settings options

You can explore more of the Account Settings page to see what other options are available. When you are finished, you can sign out securely by clicking your name in the top right, or click iCloud in the top left to use another iCloud app.

Signing out of your account
Syncing a photo between devices via the cloud

iCloud syncs your files

One of the most useful features of iCloud is that it will sync the files on your Apple devices with the files in the cloud. This means when you change a document or edit a photo, those changes will be applied to all your Apple devices and iCloud too.

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saving files to the cloud