How Google storage works


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How Google storage works

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In this activity, you will find out a bit more about how Google storage works with your Google account, your files and photos, and other Google apps.

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Google accounts come with cloud storage

A free Google account has a maximum of 15GB of storage. If you have a Google One plan, your account will have a storage maximum that matches it. For example, a Basic 100GB plan has a maximum of 100GB of storage.

Your Google storage is shared across your Google apps.

A comparison of 15GB with the free account vs 100GB paid Basic account on Google
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How Google apps use your storage

Google apps that can use up your Google storage include:

  • Gmail: Emails and attachments
  • Photos: Your photos and videos you have uploaded to the cloud from your device
  • Drive: Your files and other documents that you have uploaded to the cloud from a computer or mobile device.

How the Photos app uses your storage

The Photos app lets you manage and edit the photos you have uploaded to the cloud from your mobile device. You can delete photos to free up storage.

This will also delete the photo from your mobile device, even if you are using the Photos app on your computer, so make sure you are deleting the right photo!

A graphic of photos being uploaded to the cloud from a smartphone
A graphic of a laptop computer syncing files with the cloud

How the Drive app uses your storage

The Drive app lets you manage files and documents you choose to upload to the cloud from your computer, or from the Drive app on your mobile device. You can delete individual files to free up storage.

If a file or folder in the Drive app is set up to sync with your mobile device or computer, then deleting it in the Drive app will also delete it from your other device(s).

How to manage storage with Google One

If you have a Google One plan, you can use the Google One Storage manager.

Use your web browser to visit and sign in with your Google account if asked.

From the left menu, click Storage to see lots of information about your Google storage, including details on which apps are using it.

An example of how storage is being used by which app on a Google account
Linking your Photos to Gmail is easy with Google cloud apps

How Google storage helps with Google apps

When you use a cloud app such as Gmail in your web browser, you can attach any cloud-synced photo from the Google Photos app without first having to download it to your computer. You can even attach a file or document from the Drive app or share a file or photo with a Contact.

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