How OneDrive storage works


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How OneDrive storage works

The OneDrive cloud with various apps under it

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In this activity, you will find out more about how OneDrive works with your cloud storage, your files and photos, and the other Microsoft cloud apps. One of the most useful parts of OneDrive is the Photos view, which is like an app-within-an-app for your photos and videos.

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To get ready for this activity, open your web browser and type into the address bar, and press Enter on your keyboard.

When the page loads, enter your Microsoft account email address and your password to log into your Microsoft account.

The onedrive URL in the address bar
One drive logo with cloud storage

Saving files to the cloud with OneDrive

OneDrive is both your cloud storage service with Microsoft, and an app in the cloud that you can use to manage, view, and even open your files in other Microsoft cloud apps.

What you can store in OneDrive

You can think of OneDrive as like your computer’s hard drive or your mobile device’s internal storage, except it’s in the cloud. Files you can store in OneDrive include:

  • Emails
  • Documents (letters, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.)
  • Photos you choose to upload
  • Your contacts.
  • You can view all of these using the website and Microsoft’s cloud apps.

Various onedrive app icons
The app grid icon with menu items under it

The Photos view

OneDrive treats all documents, photos, videos, and other things as computer files. You can see them in a list in the default folder view.

There is also a special viewing mode for Photos. To switch this viewing mode on, click on the word Photos in the left panel of the OneDrive webpage.

The All Photos page

When you click on Photos, the All Photos page appears. Any photos that you upload to OneDrive will appear here, with the newest photos at the top.

There are some options above the photos, which you can click to explore

Photo files
Attaching photo files to email

Using OneDrive with cloud apps

When you use a Microsoft cloud app, such as sending an email with Outlook, you can attach a file from your OneDrive storage.

For example, you might send an email to a friend and attach a photo from OneDrive.

You can also share files directly with contacts, by using the People app.

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Onedrive logo with various apps under it