Apple's Find iPhone, Reminders and Google Keep


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Apple's Find iPhone, Reminders, and Google Keep

The Apple Find My, Google Keep and Apple Reminders app icons

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In this activity, you'll learn about three apps that can help out day-to-day, especially for those of us who need a little help remembering where we've left things, or what we need to get done.

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iCloud works best with Apple devices

Apple's cloud app service can be accessed from any web browser. Sign in with your Apple ID, and then you are able to use a range of free apps online. However, iCloud always works best when used on Apple devices.

A web browser showing the web address
The Apple Find My app icon

The Find My iPhone app

One very useful app is the Find My iPhone service. It's always called Find My iPhone when you access it on, but on an Apple device, it may be called Find My instead.

How to set up Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone lets you check for your Apple device's last known location, from any computer with a web browser.

First, set up Find My on your Apple device, then go to and sign in with your Apple ID.

You can learn how to set up Find My in our Cloud location services courses for iPhone and iPad.

The Apple Find My iPhone sign in page
A location pointer icon

Check your device's location

The Find My iPhone cloud app will open, and you can follow the steps on screen to see the location of your Apple device.

If your device is lost, stolen, or simply misplaced, the Find My iPhone app has a few ways to help you locate it.

The iCloud Reminders app

There's a useful Reminders app for iCloud. Type in things you need to remember, and these reminders will be synced with all your Apple devices as well as so you can access them from anywhere. You can also leave voice messages in the Reminders app.

The Apple Reminders app icon
The Google Keep app icon

The Google Keep app

Google has a similar app called Keep, but it does a bit more than just let you set reminders. You can jot down notes, give them labels such as Personal or Family History, and even include pictures.

The Google Keep app (continued)

You can ask Google's Keep app to remind you about any note. When you've finished writing the note, click the bell icon to see reminder options, and follow the steps to set a reminder.

When a Keep note reminder is due, you will get a notification about it on your Android smartphone (if you have one) and/or in your web browser if you are still signed in to Google.

The Reminder bell icon in Google Keep
The Apple Find My, Google Keep and Apple Reminders app icons

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