Making a call in WhatsApp


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Making calls in WhatsApp

A mobile phone screen showing two people video chatting

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Now that you have some WhatsApp contacts, you're ready to call people on it. In this activity, we're going to look at how you do that on a mobile phone.

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A close up of a WhatsApp contact called Sally, highlighting the video call button

Making a video call with WhatsApp

You can only make a WhatsApp video call from a mobile phone, not from a computer. First tap on Calls at the top of the screen (Android phones) or the bottom of the screen (iPhones). Then tap on the New Call icon, which is a phone symbol with a plus (+) sign next to it. Then find the name of the contact you want call from the list.

Finally, tap the video camera symbol next to the name to start the video call.

Answering a call

The other person’s device will start ringing, and they should tap or swipe the blue video camera button (Android phone) or swipe the notification (iPhone) on their phone to answer the call.

A mobile phone showing a WhatsApp call to Sally is in progress
The WhatsApp screen while a call is in progress

What it looks like

Once the call is answered, the person you're calling will appear in full screen on your mobile phone, and you will appear full screen on theirs.

A small box on your screen will let you see what you look like to the other person.

Ending a call

You can video call as long as you like. When the call is over, tap the red hang up button to end the call.

The red hang up button highlighted on a WhatsApp call
Two children saying hi to their mum over the internet


You've completed the Making a call in WhatsApp activity.

You've learnt that making and ending calls in WhatsApp can be easy. It's a lot like making a phone call: just select the person you want to call and tap on the call button.

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