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More Google Voyager adventures

Chateau Castle, Denmark and the spectacular formal gardens

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Google Voyager brings Google Earth to life, taking you to the furthest reaches of the globe to learn more about our amazing planet – from the rainforests of India to the markets of Marrakech.

In this activity, we’ll investigate what Google Voyager has to offer.

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See more than holiday snaps

While Google Voyager offers amazing images from exotic locations, there's a lot more to see than just photos.

It also includes 360-degree panoramas, video clips and interactive maps, drawing on content from the likes of National Geographic, NASA, the World Wildlife Fund and PBS (the American Public Broadcasting Service).

You'll also find travel guides and planners for when you're inspired to take your own voyage.

A school of sharks and some very brave fish
An example of a quiz on Google Voyager's website

Test your knowledge

Once you've been on a Google Voyager adventure, you can test your knowledge with quizzes covering landmarks, history, culture, natural wonders and more. The multiple-choice quizzes include photos and maps to help you along the way.

Follow in their footsteps

Some voyages show the routes taken by famous explorers and tell their stories. You can learn about Marco Polo's journeys to China and the adventures of Magellan, Drake, and Columbus as they travelled around the world.

A screenshot of an interactive voyage following Romulus and Remus
An example of other areas of interest in Google Voyager, including artist, writers and music. This screenshot is of the Famous Writers' Homes page

Admire the view

Google Voyager isn't just for history buffs, though. It can also take you into famous jazz clubs and tour the haunts of prolific authors such as Ernest Hemingway, from Paris to New Orleans. You can also visit the homes of writers such as George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woolf, Beatrix Potter and Jane Austen.

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eSafety tip

While you can use Google Voyager and Google Earth on smartphones, we recommend using the largest screen you have available to really get the most out of the wonderful images and information presented. Modern screens on tablets, laptops or desktop computers really help make the experience amazing.

A screenshot of some of the other adventures you can take with Google Voyager, including tours and quizzes

Come back for more

Google is constantly adding new adventures to Voyager, so it's worth coming back regularly to discover what's on offer.


You’ve completed the More Google Voyager adventures activity. You've learned that Google Voyager has something for everyone, whether you're interested in exploring the rainforest, wandering through city streets or paying homage to your favourite authors.

Next up, you’ll learn how to get the most from Google's wealth of online information in the Embrace Google Arts & Culture activity.

A picture of China's Entombed Terracotta Warriors