Tips for a good sale on eBay


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Tips for a good sale on eBay

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In this activity, we will follow Antonio as he sells a few items on eBay. He knows the best ways to make sure those items sell at prices he likes, so let’s see how he does it.

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Being realistic about price

Antonio knows that his items are preloved, so he’s realistic about what price people will likely pay for them. That way he can make sensible decisions about pricing when making his listing.

Describing items accurately

Antonio takes photographs of his items from various angles so that people get a good idea of their condition. If there is damage or imperfections, he takes a close-up photo, and includes it in the description.

He knows he has a responsibility to deliver an item that’s true to its description, and that his eBay reputation will suffer if he doesn’t do so. If his item is not described accurately, he may even have to refund the price.

Photos showing item condition
Comparing previous sales for similar items

Choosing a sensible sale price

Antonio researches eBay by switching back to Sell mode and searching. He does this to see if similar items have been sold before, and what sale price they received.

When he’s making his listing, he takes into account the average selling price for similar items and the starting bid suggested by eBay. He takes all these into account when setting his pricing.

Choosing auction as the means of sale

He uses auction listings with a sensible Starting bid instead of Buy It Now because buyers often think they can get things cheaper by auction. He makes sure he sets the Starting bid at a price that he won’t regret, should it sell at that price.

Stamp for auction
Stamp for auction again with more detail

Being persistent

If the auction for one of his items ends without a bid, he lists it again to have another go and reviews the Starting bid and the description to make it more appealing to buyers. He may repeat the listing a couple more times and change the Starting bid. After a few repeats, he accepts that nobody wants that particular item and removes the listing.

Well done!

Congratulations on reaching the end of the Tips for a good sale on eBay activity. You’ve now learned how to value your items, the importance of an accurate description, and when to relist and remove an item from sale.

Next up, you’ll learn how to receive payment for a sold item and how to ship it in the What do I do after someone commits to buy? activity.

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