What if there's a dispute?


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What is there's a dispute?

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In this activity, you’ll learn about some common disputes between buyers and sellers and what you can do about them should they come up.

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Disputes sometimes happen

eBay’s rules are clear and well-developed and should prevent most disputes, but sometimes they still happen. For example, a buyer might not pay within the required time, or they may say that the item was not received and ask for a refund.

eBay dispute
Unpaid invoice

What if the buyer doesn't pay?

The buyer has to pay before they can receive your item. If a buyer hasn’t provided payment within the four-day timeframe, it's best to send them an invoice with a reminder message. Only go to eBay with the dispute after a day or more if payment is still not received.

If a buyer never pays, you don’t have to send the item. You can re-list the item and complain to eBay, but, the worst they will do is blacklist that buyer. That means the buyer will no longer be able to use eBay.


eSafety Tip

You can avoid payment problems simply by not sending the item until payment has been received. eBay will tell you when you have been paid.

However, it's a good idea to pack the item for sending once it has been bought. That way you can send it off as soon as payment is received. Prompt delivery of the item will increase your chances of a high rating from the buyer!

What if you're late sending the item?

As a rule, you should send the item as soon as possible, and certainly within the time you indicated in your listing. If a buyer complains you are taking too long to send, check the eBay rules. Communication is everything in these matters, so it's best to be upfront and send the buyer a message via eBay explaining any problems.

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Your eBay reputation is at stake

After a purchase is completed, eBay asks buyers to leave feedback on the seller. The feedback can be positive, neutral or negative. If you disagree with negative feedback from a buyer, you can dispute it with eBay.

Buyers can also be rated by sellers, so remember to leave honest feedback for your buyer once the transaction is complete.

Positive feedback showing 5 stars
Resolution centre icon

Sorting out problems

eBay has a Resolution Centre to handle problems between buyers and sellers. It doesn’t take sides, but judges a dispute according to the eBay rules.

To access the Resolution Centre:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Type resolutioncentre.ebay.com.au into the search bar of your browser.
  3. Click on Resolution Centre.
  4. On the page that loads, choose from Actions for sellers if you have a problem with something you’re selling, or Actions for buyers, if the problem is with an item you have purchased.

eSafety Tip

Use the Resolution Centre messaging service to settle disputes. Don’t get in contact with the buyer directly by phone, email or in person, and do not provide personal details such as your address, email or phone.

eBay refunds

eBay has a Money Back Guarantee for buyers if they do not receive the item they purchased from you or if it does not match the description. This includes any damage to the item that occurs in transit.

You can expect eBay to pursue you for a refund if the Resolution Centre finds you at fault.

eBay guarantee
Email address and web address for help

Taking matters to the next level

If a dispute isn’t settled satisfactorily in the Resolution Centre, you may be able to escalate the complaint with eBay by:

If eBay is unable to help, and the disputed matter involves a PayPal transaction, you can call PayPal support on 1800 073 263.

Well done!

This is the end of the What if there's a dispute? activity. You have learned what you can do if a buyer doesn’t pay, and that eBay will pursue you for a refund if the item you sold was faulty or not as described.

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