Why sell using eBay?


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Why sell using eBay?

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In this activity, we will look at some of the benefits of selling unwanted items on eBay.

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eBay helps buyers find what you want to sell

When you list an item for sale, eBay categorises it to make it easy for buyers to find. For example, there are categories for electronics, clothing, car parts and more. eBay also uses other information about your item to help buyers find it. Buyers can search by a range of criteria, including location, size, condition (new or used), colour and price.

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Why not just have a garage sale?

There are advantages to having a garage sale. You’ll receive payment on the spot, but the number of buyers in your area will be limited, you might not be selling what they want, and a rainy day might keep all your potential customers away.

Selling your items on eBay may take longer, but with so many potential customers your items have a better chance of selling and at a better price.

Protections from eBay

eBay has well-developed and longstanding rules which are designed to protect both you as a seller and anyone who buys from you. eBay’s rating system lets you check the trustworthiness of a buyer before you sell, and you don’t have to send an item until you get paid.

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You’ve reached the end of the Why sell using eBay? activity. You should now know how eBay makes it easy for you to reach many buyers and how they provide rules and a rating system to help protect you as the seller.

Next up, we'll check out how you can list an item for sale in the How do I put something up for sale on eBay? activity.

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