Using eBay to help downsize


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Using eBay to help downsize

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Antonio is moving out of his suburban house into an apartment. He needs to dispose of items he's had in storage for many years, and items that will take up too much space in his new home.

In this activity, you’ll follow Antonio as he decides what to do with his unwanted items.

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When you’re downsizing, you have to get rid of things

Antonio is selling up to move into a smaller home, so won’t have room for all his stuff. What should he do with it all? He thinks some of his things might have some value, so he doesn't want to just throw it all away.

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Traditional solutions

Antonio could call a second-hand goods dealer to buy all his items, but he doubts that he will get a decent price for them. Instead, he decides to sell them himself and maybe get a better price.

What about eBay?

With the camera in his mobile phone to take pictures of the items he wants to sell, plus his computer, Antonio has all he needs to list his items for sale on eBay. It will involve a bit more work and take some preparation time, but he will probably get a good price for them.

In the activities ahead, we will see how Antonio uses eBay to dispose of his unwanted items.

Taking a photo of items to list on eBay

Well done!

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the Using eBay to help downsize activity. You’ve learned that, with a computer, a camera and some time, you can sell your unwanted goods on eBay.

Next up, you’ll learn how you sell everyday goods in the Selling household items on eBay activity.

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