How do I link a service?


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How do I link a service?

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This activity will take you, step-by-step, through linking your Medicare account to your myGov account.

To follow along, you'll need your Medicare card handy so you can enter your Medicare number when prompted.

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Sign in to myGov

To link a service, first go to using the web browser on your computer. Sign in to myGov by entering your email and password, followed by the code that myGov sends you via text message to your mobile phone.

Once you've successfully signed in, your myGov main page appears and you're ready to continue.

Choose services

Look in the top menu for the option called Services. Click on it and you'll be taken to the Services page.

We're going to link your Medicare account, so find Medicare in the list under Link a service, and click it to continue.

Clicking the services menu item.

eSafety tip

Once you've decided to Link your Medicare account to your myGov, you'll be reminded that myGov will store your legal name and date of birth that is saved with Medicare. It's safe for myGov to do this, so you can click I agree to continue.

If your name with Medicare is different from what's recorded in your myGov account however, you may not be able to link your Medicare to myGov at this time. Services Australia has helpful guides to troubleshooting problems linking your Medicare to myGov at their Link Medicare to myGov with your Medicare card page.

Linking Medicare - first steps

The simplest way to link your Medicare account to myGov is to use your Medicare card and some other personal information.

Click on I do not have an online account with Medicare to continue.

Enter details and answer questions

myGov will now ask you for your Medicare card details. Be careful to enter your Medicare number exactly, and, if you have more than one person on the card, enter your individual reference number too - that's the number next to your name.

myGov will then ask you a few questions about your recent Medicare history, just to make certain it's really you!

Once you've entered these details and you're ready to move on, click on the Next button.

Enter your address details

Finally, myGov asks you to confirm your address. This is for your safety and security, and it's safe to give myGov this information.

Fill in all the address details and then click Next to finish linking Medicare to your myGov account.

Check that everything worked

To confirm you've successfully linked your Medicare, myGov will now show you a final screen so you can check that your details were added correctly.

As well as confirming your Medicare account is now linked to myGov, you'll also see a note saying that your legal name and date of birth have been added to your myGov account.

Link more services

You can now use myGov to process Medicare claims, access vaccination certificates and more.

There are many other government services you can link to your myGov account, and the process will be similar to the steps above for Medicare. Simply click on the service name from the list on the Services page, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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Well done!

This is the end of the How do I link a service? activity. You've learned how to find the Services menu in myGov and link Medicare and other services.

Next, in the How is my information kept safe on myGov activity, you'll get a refresher on how all this important information is kept safe and secure.