How is my information kept safe on myGov?


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How is my information kept safe on myGov

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myGov is designed with your security and safety in mind, so it’s always safe to access your personal information once you’ve logged into a service linked with myGov.

For your peace of mind, this activity goes over the ways myGov keeps your personal details safe.

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You need a password and a code

Most websites just require you to sign in with a username, such as an email address, and a password. This is safe for most things, but if someone guesses or finds out your password, they can get access.

myGov also requires you to enter a unique code each time you sign in. That code is sent to your mobile phone. It’s safer because this adds another step to the process of confirming your identity during the login process.


eSafety Tip

Follow these simple steps to protect your myGov sign in details:

  • Don’t share your myGov sign in details with anyone.
  • Make sure your myGov password is different to other online accounts.
  • Don’t tell anyone the password for the email account you use for myGov.
  • Protect your mobile phone with a password or PIN so that no-one can access your myGov secret codes.

myGov protects your services

When you use myGov, each linked service you access is protected by your myGov password and secure code, so you can safely look at and update information, whichever service you use.

If you visit a service using its own website, such as, you’ll see the myGov logo near to where you log in. When you click Login, you will be automatically directed to the myGov website to access the ATO via your myGov account.

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myGov hides your personal information

Your personal information will only become visible on the screen once you’ve logged in to your myGov account. myGov prevents other people from being able to see your personal information.

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eSafety Tip

If you need to sign in to myGov in a Centrelink or Medicare office, check that no-one can see your computer screen when you enter your myGov username, password or the answers to your secret questions.

Always sign out!

It’s very important to sign out of your myGov account every time you finish using it.

Instead of just walking away from your computer, closing the browser, or turning off your computer, make certain to click the Sign out button first.

You can find it in the top right of the myGov website.

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