What does it mean to link a service?


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What does it mean to link a service?

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Your myGov account lets you safely access many government services from the one location, using a single password. This activity will take you through what it means to link each service to your myGov account.

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myGov links your government services

To get the most from your myGov account, you will need to link it to those government services you want to use.

These might include services such as Medicare, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and Centrelink.

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All your information in one place

When a service is linked to your myGov account, you can receive important updates and notices from that service direct to your myGov Inbox. This means you shouldn’t miss important notifications, and you’ll receive reminders for things that are due, such as a tax return.

myGov is safe and secure

When you link a government service to your myGov account, you can use myGov on your computer at home to view personal details in private.

You can look at your medical and tax records safely and securely, without worrying that someone at a government office might be looking over your shoulder, or that customer service staff might see sensitive information about you.

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myGov can message you

As well as receiving important notices in your myGov Inbox, you can choose to have myGov send you a text message, or SMS, on your mobile phone to notify you that there’s something new to share with you.


eSafety tip

When you receive text messages about something new to read in your myGov Inbox, you won’t see the notice or letter itself on the text message.

To read the new message, you will need to sign in to your myGov account and go to the myGov Inbox. This is a safe way of receiving information, and more secure than via a text or regular email.

Work from the comfort of your own home!

When you link services to myGov, you’ll be able to process claims and makes various changes to your personal information, without having to go down to a local government office.

For instance, you can update your home address, and look at your recent Medicare claims. Without myGov, you’d most likely have to queue for that information.

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Well done!

You’ve reached the end of the What does it mean to link a service? activity. You’ve learned what linking a service is, and why it’s useful to do so.

Next up, you’ll learn about some of the government services you can link, and how myGov can make using them easy and convenient, in the Which services can I link? activity.

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