Which services can I link?


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Which services can I link?

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You can link many government services to your myGov account.

In this activity, you’ll learn about some of the main services you might like to link, and how myGov can help you with using them, once they are linked. Let’s get started!

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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

When you link the ATO to myGov, you can easily do your tax online.

You can also get your notice of tax assessment, plus reminders for any tax you need to pay or any refund you receive.

You can also use myGov and the ATO to double-check you are claiming all your entitlements, such as veterans or seniors tax benefits.

ATO logo with tax return and money
Medicare logo with claim paperwork


With Medicare linked to your myGov account, you can make a Medicare claim, or check your recent Medicare claims.

You can also update some of your personal information, see your past claims, and download vaccine certificates, all from the comfort of home!

My Aged Care

Your My Aged Care account can link to myGov and show you the current details of your personalised client record.

You can also update your client representatives. These are the people you have given permission to view your client record.

My Aged Care logo and client record
My Health Record logo with health documents in folder

My Health Record

After you link your My Health Record to myGov, you’ll be able to see and manage which people have access to your medical and health information, including doctors.

You can also view your pathology reports and get important correspondence from your doctor.

Centrelink and pensions

Centrelink covers a number of services, which can link to your myGov account. For instance, you might like to use Centrelink to get updates on Age Pension entitlements and payments.

You can even use myGov to lodge your initial claim for the Age Pension, up to 13 weeks before you reach qualify for the Age Pension age.

Centerlink logo with Aged pension entitlement document
myGov website showing About and Security links

Even more services

There are more services that you can link to myGov. To see the whole list, click on the About myGov link at the bottom of the my.gov.au home page.

Well done!

This is the end of the Which services can I link? activity. You’ve learned about some of the services you can link to myGov and why you might like to link them.

Next up, in the How do I link a service? activity, you’ll go step-by-step through the process of linking your Medicare account to your myGov account.

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