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Getting started with online banking

In this course you will learn what you need to know about online banking and how you can stay safer while banking online.

Setting up online banking

Learn how to set up an online bank account and what to expect when you use it for the first time.

Online banking basics practice area

Covering basic online banking tasks, such as:

  • logging on and off
  • checking a transaction
  • downloading a statement and more.

We have our Squirrel Bank practice tasks ready for you to hone your skills on your desktop or laptop computer in a safe environment.

Managing payments online practice area

Building on the skills learned in the Online banking basics practice area course, we look at more advanced online banking tasks, including:

  • transferring funds
  • paying bills
  • setting transaction limits.

The Squirrel Bank practice activities in this course allow you to perfect these more advanced online banking skills on your laptop or desktop computer – at your own pace and in safety.