Getting the most from your new smart speaker


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Getting the most from your new smart speaker

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Now that Jacinta has set up her Google Nest Mini smart speaker using the Google Home app, she can use it to do some everyday things. Let’s follow Jacinta as she uses her smart speaker throughout her day.

Remember, her Google Nest Mini has been set up with the label Kitchen Speaker, and that’s how it is named in the Google Home app on her iPhone.

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A few days later...

After a few days getting used to it, Jacinta is now familiar with her Kitchen Speaker. She uses the Google Assistant on the speaker all the time, by saying OK Google and then giving an instruction. Let’s look at some of the things she does.

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Setting a reminder

Setting a reminder

Jacinta says “OK Google, set a reminder for tomorrow to pay the internet bill.”

The Google Assistant creates a special reminder alert, so tomorrow at 8 am, it will tell Jacinta to pay her internet bill.

Jacinta could say “tomorrow at 9 am” to get the reminder at a specific time instead of the 8 am default.

Getting a weather report

Jacinta asks “OK Google, what’s the weather like?”

The Google Assistant will reply with the current temperature and conditions, such as “18 degrees and partly cloudy” for Jacinta’s suburb or town. It will then give a brief weather forecast for the rest of the day, and the week.

Getting a weather report

Play some music

Jacinta asks “OK Google, play ABC jazz.”

The Google Assistant will activate the default internet radio app on the Kitchen Speaker and start streaming ABC Jazz radio. Jacinta can enjoy the stream for as long as she likes, and finish up by saying “OK Google, stop.”

Playing music
Speaking to your smart speaker

Jacinta speaks clearly and carefully

Over the last few days, Jacinta has learned there are a couple of tricks to make sure Google Assistant understands her every time she speaks to it.

After saying “OK Google” Jacinta leaves a brief pause, until some lights shown on the Kitchen Speaker. She doesn’t pause too long though, because the speaker will think she has decided to not say anything, and go back into waiting mode.

She also keeps her requests simple and speaks in a clear, distinct voice.


This is the end of the Getting the most from your smart speaker activity. Well done!

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