Other things the cloud can do for you


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Other things the cloud can do for you

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In this activity you’ll discover some of the other ways the cloud integrates with your favourite devices, and some other cloud services you might like to try.

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Well-known cloud providers and what services they offer

The most common ways to use the cloud

Most people use the cloud for email, storing files, storing and organising photos, and some things for their mobile device, such as contact lists.

They might also have separate accounts for streaming movies and TV, and maybe even music.

The cloud is everywhere

Most internet services now use the cloud in some way, and some of the ways the cloud already works for you might not be so easy to spot! Let’s take a look.

Uploading and downloading content from the cloud wherever you are
Making and receiving calls from the cloud

Messaging and video calls

Cloud-based messaging is a cheap alternative to making mobile phone calls, since it uses very little data.

There are lots of apps and ways to send SMS-style messages, except unlike SMS, these messages are free.

Cloud-based video calls let you keep in touch with friends and family, and are usually free. Remember, video calls can use up your data allowance, so make sure your device or internet connection has a high data allowance.

Examples of cloud messaging

Apple’s cloud messaging service is called iMessage. iMessage lets you send messages to other iMessage users, and include photos and short recorded videos that SMS cannot.

Skype is a popular cloud voice and video calling app. You can call other Skype users for free, or pay to call normal phones from Skype, using the cloud.

Zoom is another popular video calling app. It is free to use and lets you make and join video calls from anywhere in the world.

To find out more about these free video calling services, visit the How to use Skype and How to use Zoom courses.

Cloud-based messaging services
Interacting with a smart speaker

Using the cloud and a smart speaker to make calls

Smart speakers can make free voice calls to other smart speakers that use the same voice assistant. For example, a Google Assistant compatible smart speaker can call another Google Assistant speaker using an app called Google Duo.

These calls are free, and are made using the cloud. If both smart speakers also have a display screen with a camera, like the Google Home Max, they can make video calls too.

Expect new features

Cloud providers love to experiment with new free features and ideas. One of the best things about the cloud is that there’s always something new to play with!

Looking at new features

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