Organise your day with Google Assistant


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Organise your day with Google Assistant

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In this activity you’ll learn how the Google Assistant can help you organise your day. You’ll find out how it can help with appointments, schedules, and more. And also, how you can put information into your phone, and be reminded about it later by your smart speaker!

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We're using Google Assistant

For this demonstration, we’ll be using the Google Assistant on our Android phone and on a Google Nest Mini smart speaker.

Other speakers and voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, work in a similar way, so if you use one of these, you should still follow along.

Your Google account

The Google Assistant knows you by your Google Account. It can share information between devices - such as your tablet and smart speaker - if you sign in to both of them using the same Google Account.

Signing into a google account
smart speaker with googd morning routine playing

Use Google Assistant to start a routine

You can save time by setting up what’s called a Ready Made Routine. This means you can use a single voice command, and the Google Assistant will collate information. For instance, the Good Morning routine will:

  • Tell you about the weather
  • Tell you about your calendar events today
  • Give you any reminders you have set.

Start the routine each morning

When you wake up, you can trigger the routine by asking “OK Google, good morning!”

The Google Assistant will run through the list of things in the Good Morning routine.

You can use the Settings section in the Google Home app on your mobile device to set up a routine of your own. From here, you have the option to specify what information is included in the routine.

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A calendar

Add an event to your calendar

You can ask the Google Assistant to tell you about upcoming appointments, or to update your calendar. You can do this using either your smart speaker, if you are at home, or your smartphone, if you are out.

An example of adding an event

When you are out or in part of the house out of range of your smart speaker, ask your smartphone: “OK Google, create an event called Mario’s birthday.” The Google Assistant will then ask “When’s the event?” and you can reply “tomorrow at 3 pm”.

Later, when you ask your smart speaker: “OK Google, what’s on my calendar?” it will reply with the time and date of Mario’s birthday.

The smart speaker will also tell you the next two items as they appear in your calendar.

Adding an event to a calendar via the smart speaker

Well done!

This is the end of the Organise your day with Google Assistant activity. You learned how the Google Assistant can share information between your mobile device and a smart speaker, as well as how to use a Routine and set an Event in your calendar.

Coming up, you will learn about other things you can do with the Google Assistant in the Doing more with Google Assistant activity.

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