Smart home technology explained


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Smart home technology explained

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In this activity, you’ll find out what smart home technology is and how it can make your life easier and more convenient. You'll also be introduced to the smart speaker and learn how it forms the heart of a smart home.

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What is a smart home?

A smart home uses your home’s internet connection and Wi-Fi network to make various compatible devices talk to each other. Think of it like a type of advanced remote control that can make life easier.

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Smart speaker introducing itself

Meet the smart speaker

You can control your smart home using a smart speaker. This is a device that you speak to, with software inside called a voice assistant that responds to what you say.

A smart home can be very sophisticated

Some people install very sophisticated smart home systems, which usually require an electrician or other specialist. These systems can control such things as the air-conditioning, home security, lighting, and more.

Sophisticated smart home with internet connection
Smart speaker and TV connected by home Wi-Fi

But you can get started quickly and easily

You don’t need a complicated installation, though. You can get many of the benefits of a smart home from a smart speaker. It uses your home Wi-Fi and internet to understand your voice, and it can control compatible devices, such as your smart TV.

It's all about the voice assistant

The smart speaker’s voice assistant software is like a web search and remote controller all in one. You give it verbal commands or ask it questions, and it will make things happen. You can even ask the voice assistant to learn your schedule and give you reminders and updates about important things throughout your day.

You can think of the voice assistant as the butler, or housekeeper, of your smart home.

Man asking smart speaker what the time is

Well done!

You’ve completed the What is smart home technology activity and learned the basics of what is meant by the term smart home. You’ve learned that a smart speaker and its voice assistant can use your Wi-Fi and internet to control devices around your home and keep you up to date with your schedule.

Next, in the Benefits of smart home technology activity, you’ll learn more about how a smart home can make your life easier.

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