Connect Google Earth with Google Arts & Culture


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Connect Google Voyager and Google Arts & Culture

Street directions, Paris-style

What's coming up?

Google Voyager and Google Arts & Culture are two separate resources, but they're designed to complement each other.

In this activity, you’ll see how to move seamlessly between them to discover more about your favourite subjects.

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Cross borders

While they are separate websites, some Voyages on Google Earth link to presentations and exhibitions on Google Arts & Culture. It's easy to navigate between the two so you can make the most of both when exploring a topic in depth.

Icons for Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture
A pages on The Long Man of Wilmington on Google Voyager

Look for links

If an item on Google Voyager links to Google Arts & Culture, then it might mention Google Arts & Culture in its title. Otherwise, you might discover blue Read more or Explore more links to Google Arts & Culture in the right-hand panel when exploring a voyage.

Jump across to Google Arts & Culture

Click on a link and Google Arts & Culture opens up in a new tab in your web browser. The new tab is separate from the Google Voyager tab, so you can easily go back to it.

You can explore that presentation and follow the recommendations to explore everything that Google Arts & Culture has to offer on the subject.

An illustration of the two tabs that are open when you are viewing Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture at the same time
An illustration showing you can click on the Google Voyager tab to return to that page once you've finished looking at Google Arts & Culture

Return to Google Voyager

When you've finished exploring Google Arts & Culture, you can simply close that tab and go back to the Google Voyager tab to pick up your voyage where you left off. You might find another link to Google Arts & Culture on the next page, taking you off on another adventure.

Let's check

What happens when you click on a Google Arts & Culture link in Google Voyager?

Click on each card to check your answer.

A new tab opens in your browser so you can explore the Google Arts & Culture information

Click to flip

Yes, that's correct! A new tab opens so you can go back to where you were in Google Voyager once you have finished viewing the Google Arts & Culture page.

Your Google Voyager page is replaced by the Google Arts & Culture page.

Click to flip

No, that's not correct. A new tab will open for Google Arts & Culture, so you don't lose your place on Google Voyager!


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