How to use travel comparison websites


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How to use travel comparison websites

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In this activity, you’ll learn about comparison sites, which let you search for and compare different deals.

You’ll also find out about sites that let you check how good your plane seat is.

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What is a comparison website?

Instead of a website that offers packages, tickets, or transport bookings for just one company, a comparison site shows results from lots of companies.

These websites allow you to search by destination (such as Western Australia), or activity type (such as historic railway tours) and see a list of lots of possibilities.

Each will show a basic price, and you can click through to find out more and even begin the booking process.

Comparing apples with apples
Comparing flight to New Zealand from different airlines

What are comparison websites used for?

The main comparison sites let you search for accommodation, packages, and things to do on your travels. Other sites let you compare travel insurance packages, flights, car hire, and more.

There are also full packages that combine all of these things. They don’t offer as much flexibility, but you can pay a single price to get everything you need included.

Some examples of comparison websites

For lots of ideas, destinations, events, attractions, and reviews from other users, sites such as and have a lot of content to offer.

For travel insurance, sites such as let you search specifically for travel insurance and see various options and packages.

For accommodation here in Australia, try You can search by location, or even for specific property features such as swimming pools, or pet-friendly properties.

Logos from a range of comparison websites
A price range scale

Searching via price range

One of the most useful features of a comparison site is that you can refine your search by price range.

For example, on, if you searched Hotels Perth, you’ll get a list of results.

You can then use the site’s filter tool to select the amount you’re prepared to pay, for example $200-$300. You can also tick a check box to show only results that offer Free cancellation, and Reserve now pay at stay options.

Other comparison sites have similar features.

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eSafety tip

Whenever you book online, it’s important to remain aware of extra costs that might not be obvious when you visit a website.

These costs can include cleaning fees, departure taxes, non-refundable booking fees, and minimum night stays.

Air travel comparison websites

Some airlines let you choose which seat you want when you check in online. You can check which seats might be a bit more comfortable using a comparison site like

You can search by flight number to see the type of aircraft you will be on, and the layout of its seats.

You can click on a seat to see notes such as close to galley, so crew may disturb you or close to toilet or has extra side room.

A seating plan for a plane

Well done!

You’ve completed the How to use travel comparison websites activity. You now know what a comparison website is, how to use it to find deals and choose a seat on a plane.

Up next is the Importance of email and text messages for travel activity.

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