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All about travel insurance

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In this activity, you’ll learn about travel insurance, what it does, what it covers, and how it can keep you safe in an emergency.

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What is travel insurance

Travel insurance is a special insurance policy just for people who are currently travelling or planning to travel. It’s similar to a home and contents policy, in that it covers loss of personal items. It can also help you get new documents issued if you lose them.

Travel insurance can also cover medical expenses and provide emergency transport. It also covers some costs associated with cancellations of accommodation and transport.

What travel insurance covers

Travel insurance is a lot more comprehensive than regular insurance. For the period you are travelling, it covers:

  • Medical expenses
  • Emergency dental expenses
  • Lost luggage and other personal items
  • Financial loss caused by delays or cancellations
  • Liability coverage (such as if you break something!)
  • Accidental disability.

Travel insurance also works as life insurance for you should the worst happen.

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What travel insurance covers (continued)

Taking out a travel insurance policy prior to departure can also mean you’re covered for any losses associated with the unforeseen cancellations of tours, accommodation and transport.

You may also be covered for losses related to not being able to go on the trip due to illness. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to take out a travel insurance policy as soon as you start making bookings for your trip.

What travel insurance doesn't cover

Travel insurance doesn’t cover everything, especially small items that are easy to lose, scams, and things that are entirely your fault. Some other things that usually aren’t covered include:

  • Losses due to pandemics and natural disasters that began before you started travelling
  • Losses due to risky activities and playing sport
  • Some personal items like glasses, hearing aids, dental bridges, tickets, passports, keys, and cash
  • Your mobile phone
  • Missing out due to bad weather
  • Anything to do with a plane ticket you bought using a frequent flyer program.
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eSafety tip

Travel insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of replacing your passport, but your travel insurance documentation may include numbers to call or a website to visit that will put you in contact with the embassy or others who can help you get a replacement passport quickly and safely.

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How to purchase travel insurance

Your travel agent can recommend a travel insurance provider, but it’s important to be aware that the agent may receive a commission or payment if they sell you a policy.

You can also use price comparison websites to compare different travel insurance options, and pay for a policy online. Use a web search engine such as Google to search for travel insurance comparison site.

You might already have travel insurance

If you have a credit card with an annual members’ fee, it might come with travel insurance already. You can find out by calling your credit card provider and asking if travel insurance is included as part of your yearly membership.

Then, when you travel, let your provider know when and where you will be travelling and they will activate the travel insurance for you.

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eSafety tip

You should always do your own research before purchasing a travel insurance policy. Make sure that the policy you take out meets your needs and always be aware that most claims come with an excess that can be adjusted when you take out the policy.

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This is the end of the All about travel insurance activity. You’ve now learned what travel insurance is and how it can help you travel safely.

Up next, you’ll find out how useful your smartphone can be in the Using your mobile phone while travelling activity.

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