Highlights from Jan and Tom's trip


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Highlight from Jan and Tom's trip

A map app on a mobile device

What's coming up?

In this activity, you can see a few highlights from Jan and Tom’s trip, including how they:

  • Used ride share apps to get around
  • Found their favourite restaurant via mobile phone search
  • Used Google Maps
  • Shared photos and videos with friends and family using social media and the cloud.
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Jan and Tom are back!

Now that Jan and Tom have had a great holiday over in Western Australia, let’s catch up with a few of the highlights and see how the internet helped them travel more easily, and safely.

Jan and tom waving
The Uber app and a man driving a car

How Jan and Tom used a ride share app

Taxis are a fixture in most cities, but can sometimes be hard to find if you’re in a suburban area.

After their bush tucker tour, Jan and Tom had to get back to their accommodation from a location quite far from the city.

Fortunately, they were able to use the ride share app Uber to book and pre-pay for a car right to the door of the B&B they stayed at.

Jan and Tom found a favourite restaurant

An unexpected highlight was finding a new favourite restaurant one night in Perth.

At a loose end for where to have dinner, Tom used his mobile phone to Google search for restaurants nearby. He and Jan were able to choose restaurants by type, and see reviews by other diners. They found an amazing restaurant only five minutes’ walk from their hotel.

Having a mobile phone while travelling can be really handy!

Googling restaurants that are close by
Using Google maps

Using Google maps to get around

On one of their days in Perth, Jan and Tom visited Kings Park and walked through the botanic gardens there.

Tom, an ex-Firefighter, wanted to visit the Firefighters’ Memorial in the park. While this was at the far end of the park from where they entered, they had no trouble finding it. Jan and Tom used the Google Maps app to follow directions to walk through the gardens directly to the memorial.

Creating a shared album on Google Photos

Holiday memories are precious, so Jan and Tom make sure their devices are set to automatically back up the photos and videos they capture to their free Google cloud service using the Google Photos app.

Jan also creates an album on Google Photos for sharing favourite pictures with friends and family back in Victoria. Jan adds new photos to the album each night using their accommodation’s Wi-Fi connection to save on mobile data, and even provides a caption for each.

An album with photos in it

Well done!

This is the end of the Highlights from Jan and Tom’s trip activity.

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Jan and tom waving in front of their photos on the wall