How Jan and Tom get inspired for their trip


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How Jan and Tom get inspired for their trip

Bookmarking a website

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In this activity, you can follow along with Jan and Tom as they get inspired for their trip to Western Australia.

You’ll find out the websites they use to find ideas and check important information, before they get to booking their trip in the next activity.

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Jan and Tom start researching their trip

While Jan and Tom know where they want to go and some of the things they want to do, they’re going to do some web searches before making their bookings.

They’re hoping to get some unexpected results or see some things they hadn’t thought of, to make their trip even better.

A search engine
Watching train videos on YouTuibe

Searching YouTube for WA trip ideas

Jan types into her web browser’s search bar. When YouTube appears, she uses the search function to search WA Trip.

She and Tom watch some videos of sights to see around Perth. Tom then searches for Bunbury railway and they watch some videos of the train, which include information about where to join the train and where to stay the night before the trip.

Finally, Jan searches First Nations tourism WA and sees some videos which give her a new idea - bush tucker tasting tours!


Now that Jan has the idea to join a bush tucker tasting tour, she wants to know if there is one within convenient distance of Perth.

She types in the search bar of her web browser. When the site loads, she uses its search function to simply search for Perth.

One of the first results is the Mandoon Estate Bush Tucker Tasting tours, which is located on Noongar land not far from the Perth CBD.

There’s a Book now button on the Mandoon Estate Bush Tucker Tasting page, so Jan uses her browser’s Bookmark feature to save this page for later, when they’re ready to start making bookings.

The Welcome to Country website
The Google search engine

Searching for information about Western Australia

Tom likes to do his homework, so he spends some time on the computer doing Google searches about Western Australia and Perth in general.

He’s particularly keen to check weather information to find out the best time of year to travel. WA can be too hot for Jan, but Tom also prefers to fly when there’s less risk of rain (which can cause turbulence).

He and Jan settle on an October visit, because not only is the weather mild, the wildflowers are starting to bloom too.

Checking government websites

Now they know where they want to go and what they’ll do, it’s time for Jan and Tom to do the serious stuff.

They check travel advisories for Western Australia and visit to see what things they need to bring along with them.

Satisfied that they have all the necessary ID and can bring their various medications with no problems, Jan and Tom can at last start to book – and make their dream trip into a reality!

The smart traveller website URL

Well done!

You’ve completed the How Jan and Tom got inspired for their trip activity. You’ve seen how they used web searches and YouTube to get ideas and more.

Next up, in the Jan and Tom research their trip activity, the couple begin choosing specific flights, accommodation, and activities, as well as visit a travel agent.

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