Jan and Tom research their trip


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Jan and Tom research their trip

Using the internet to book travel

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In this activity, Jan and Tom continue to prepare for their trip to Western Australia. Now that they know where they want to go and what they want to do, they begin researching specific airlines, accommodation, and tour operators to make their trip the best it can be.

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A travel agent

Using a travel agent for some things

Early on, Jan and Tom decide to do their research on the internet, but use a travel agent to book flights, airport transfers, and accommodation in and around Perth.

For them, this is easier than having to deal with airline booking websites, as often they aren't clear on the terms and conditions of some fares.

A travel agent with plane tickets

Visiting their travel agent

Rather than try to explain what they want over the phone, Jan and Tom head down to the local shopping centre to see a travel agent they’ve used before.

They sit with their agent and discuss all the things they want to do, and the agent offers to help where they can.

Because of Tom’s health, Jan and Tom need tickets that they can cancel or change at short notice. The agent helps them get the best flight deal with the most flexibility.

Jan books her bush tucker tour

Earlier, Jan had bookmarked the Mandoon Estate Bush Tucker tour web page on www.welcometocountry.com. Now she knows which dates she’ll be in Perth, when they get home from the travel agent, she opens her computer browser to retrieve that bookmark.

The page loads and she clicks Book now to make a booking using her credit card.

Jan is comfortable making this booking because it lets her know on which dates she needs to book their cottage stays.

Making a booking on the Welcome to country website
Looking at accomodation reviews on trip advisor

Using comparison websites to find B&Bs

Next, Jan begins researching Bed & Breakfast (B&B) accommodation for the nights before their tour.

Jan types https://tripadvisor.com into her web browser’s search bar, and then uses the website’s search function to find historic cottage stays.

Jan searches for Cavesham WA, which is the nearest suburb to the bush tucker tour. She finds a cottage she loves and is reassured by reviews from other travellers, who have given it four stars (out of five).

Tom researches the Bunbury railway timetable

While Jan is using the computer, Tom is on his iPad working out when the train leaves and returns for the Bunbury railway. He books tickets for himself and Jan using his credit card, and notes the dates and times.

Tom then lets Jan know where and when she needs to book a B&B or a cottage, the night before the rail trip.

Paying for transport using a mobile device

eSafety tip

Each time Jan or Tom is ready to make a booking using a website, they make sure to check the site is genuine. They check their web browser is showing the lock symbol, and that the website address is correct and showing https://, meaning it is an encrypted website.

Looking at the small print

Jan and Tom check the fine print

As they put their amazing holiday together, Jan and Tom know to look for costs that aren’t always obvious.

When Jan chooses a place to stay, she checks for any hidden fees, such as cleaning or booking fees. She also checks if there are any penalties for missing check-out times.

Tom checks whether or not there are costs for their luggage, and makes an estimate of how much they will have to pay in transport to and from their various activities.

a lady and a man high fiving

Well done!

This is the end of the Jan and Tom research their trip activity. You’ve seen how Jan and Tom have chosen specific dates and locations for accommodation to fit around their bush tucker tour and Bunbury railway trip.

In the next activity, Jan and Tom book their holiday, and you can follow along as Jan books a night’s accommodation.