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Accessing essential services

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In this activity, you'll learn about some of the essential services you can find on the Access Canberra website.

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Helping you access essential services

There's a lot of information on the Access Canberra website, and the site makes finding what you want easier by grouping services into categories, such as Transport and Land, planning, building and housing.

To see these groups of services, have a look at the grid of categories on the Access Canberra home page. You can click one to see what services are included.

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eSafety tip

Remember, some of these services might be located on different websites. You can tell if you've left the Access Canberra website by checking the browser's address bar to see if the web address has changed.

If you find yourself on another site and want to return to the Access Canberra home page, the quickest way is to type into your browser's address bar, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

An illustration of a Change of name link in a Community and Family category

Community and Family

This category includes things such as how to:

  • Apply to get your birth certificate
  • Access the Change of name registration service
  • Find a Justice of the Peace
  • Access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


This category includes everything you need for driving, using public transport, and also covers applying for a passport or visa.

You can:

  • Get ACT driver licence information
  • Find out if you have any demerit points, with a Licence history search
  • Manage your Motor vehicle registration and renewal.

You can also purchase a MyWay card to pay for bus and light rail tickets.

An illustration of an ACT driver licence link in a Transport category
An illustration of a Medicare link in a Health category


This category has lots of useful information around healthcare, such as:

  • Find out about Accessing your medical records
  • Get information about Medicare bulk billing
  • Check the current public Health warnings
  • Find a health service.

Land, planning, building and housing

This category has essential information for some of the more complicated aspects of owning, buying, or selling property - especially if it's not your primary residence.

You can:

  • Pay Rates, land tax and land rent using a single form
  • Find out about Buying and selling property
  • Apply for an owner-builder licence
  • Find a Licensed professional for your building, buying, or selling needs.
An illustration of a Pay land tax link
An illustration of the Fix My Street link

Using the Fix My Street service

The ACT government has a special service that lets you report problems relating to your street. This could be anything from potholes to broken or dim streetlights.

Click the Fix My Street link at the top of the Access Canberra home page.

Using the Fix My Street service (cont'd)

You can choose from categories including:

  • Cycle & footpaths
  • Grass, trees & shrubs
  • Parks & public spaces
  • Streetlights
  • Roads, parking & vehicles.

Click on the category that's relevant to your problem and follow the steps to report the issue.

An illustration of a car hitting a pothole

Well done!

This is the end of the Accessing essential services activity. You've learned about browsing available services and how they are grouped into useful categories.

Up next, the Discovering everyday savings activity will show how you can use the ACT government's Assistance website to find out how to save money.

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