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Discovering everyday savings

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What's coming up?

In this activity, you'll find out how the ACT Government's Assistance site can help you save money, today. You'll discover a collection of guides that help with cost of living.

You'll also find out about how to save money on petrol, using a fuel guide recommended by the ACT government.

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The cost-of-living calculator

Keeping up with all the bills and expenses of modern living can feel like a full-time job in itself!

The Savings Finder on the ACT Government's Assistance site will ask you a series of questions about what sorts of savings you need.

Click on the Find savings now button on the home page at and answer the questions about the kinds of savings you need.

When you see the list of results, click View all to see all the savings that apply to you.

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eSafety tip

It's safe to answer the questions that the Savings Finder ask you, because they don't require personal information.

The questions you'll see include:

  • Do you need help bringing in the bins?
  • Do you need help paying rent?
  • Do you want to buy or rent a home?

Your answers are used to search available savings and aren't saved online or linked to your ACT Digital account.

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Finding petrol prices in the ACT

The ACT Government doesn't have a fuel check website like some other states and territories. However, you can get information about fuel pricing from the site.

From the home page, click Fair Trading, followed by Consumers. Then click Fair Trading for Consumers and, finally, click on Fuel prices & advice for purchasing fuel in the ACT.

Finding petrol prices in the ACT (cont'd)

The Fuel prices & advice page will explain how fuel pricing works in the ACT, what the rules are, and will recommend two fuel price websites:

Neither of these sites is run by the ACT government.

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Finding someone to talk to

The ACT government has several services which provide someone for you to talk to if you need them.

On the home page, click the Someone to talk to button near the bottom of the page. Then click any service you want to access.

These services include:

  • Beyond Blue
  • Carers ACT for providing assistance for carers
  • Legal Aid ACT
  • Health Direct for 24-hour free health advice
  • Lifeline Canberra

Well done!

This is the end of the Discovering everyday savings activity. You've learned how the ACT Government's Assistance website help you save money on some of your regular expenses.

Up next, the More savings with government services activity will show you how to find government concessions for things such as gas or electricity, and how to apply for them.

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