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Accessing essential services

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In this activity, you’ll learn about some of the essential services you can access on the Service Tasmania website.

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TThe essential services webpage

Accessing essential services via Service Tasmania

There’s a lot of information on the Service Tasmania website, but the site helps make finding what you want easier by grouping services in categories such as Transport and Housing and property.

To see these categories, scroll down the Service Tasmania website to find More from Service Tasmania. You’ll see a list of categories.

Click a category to open a new page that lists the services in that category. Then, click any service to access it.


eSafety tip

Some of the services you can browse via Service Tasmania, are hosted on other government websites.

You can tell when you are directed to another website because the address in your web browser’s search bar will change. For example, if you are renewing your Tasmanian driver licence, and click Driver licence information, the address will change to

If you don’t want to go to another website right now, click the Back button in your web browser.


eSafety tip

Many of Tasmania’s other government websites have a Tasmanian Government logo at the top of the page.

If you click this, it will take you to the main government website at

To get back to Service Tasmania from here, click the Service Tasmania Online link near the top of the home page.

Births, deaths and marrianges service

Births, deaths and marriages

To find this category, first click on Family and community, then click Births, deaths and marriages (BDM). This will take you to the Department of Justice website, where you can:

  • Apply to get your birth certificate
  • Find out how to legally change your name
  • Apply to Register a relationship
  • Find out how to Register a death.

Law and police

This category has lots of information about everything to do with the law. You can:

  • Find a Justice of the Peace
  • Find out how to get Legal aid
  • Get information about and pay Traffic infringement notice offences
  • Access Consumer affairs and fair trading.
Law and police service.
Trasnport service.


This category includes everything you need for driving, using public transport, and also covers tolls and paying traffic fines. You can:

  • Check your Tasmanian Driver licence information
  • Find out about and fill out vehicle registration and licensing fees and forms
  • Learn about Spirit of Tasmania and access to the mainland

Some of the links in this category will take you to different Tasmanian Government websites.

Housing and property

This category has essential information for some of the more complicated aspects of owning, buying, or selling property - especially if it’s not your primary residence. You can:

  • Find out about Property transfer duty, which used to be called stamp duty
  • Find information about what you can do with your land at Land Tasmania
  • Learn about Building Standards and Regulation
  • Find out where to go for Building and planning approvals
Housing and property service.
Service tasmania logo with a range of services under it

Well done!

This is the end of the Accessing essential services activity. You’ve learned about browsing services and how they are grouped into useful categories.

Up next, the Discovering everyday savings activity will show how you can use the Service Tasmania site to find out how to save money.