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Claiming rebates and superannuation

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In this activity, you’ll find out how to apply for rebates using Service Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government has several rebate programs and you’ll need to explore them to determine your eligibility.

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eSafety tip

Many rebate programs are hosted on other government websites, so you might get taken away from the website to apply.

You can always click the Back button on your browser to return, or type in your browser’s search bar.

Rebates are different from concessions

The Tasmanian government has a special website for concessions, at These concessions let you pay less up front for various government services.

Rebates are more like refunds, which will give you money back after you’ve paid for a service, if you are eligible.

There isn’t a single website that collects all of these, but you can use Service Tasmania’s Search bar to get a list of current rebates.

Searching for rebates on the Service Tasmania website
Search results webpage.

Using Search to find Tasmanian government rebates

On the Service Tasmania homepage, type rebate into the Search bar under Find a government service, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

The Search Results will show a list of pages that are about rebates. These include pages not just from Service Tasmania, but from other Tasmanian government websites too, which is handy.

Click on a search result to visit that page and find out about the rebate.

Some examples of available rebates

Service Tasmania’s search function is very comprehensive and will give you lots of results. Here are a few that you might find most useful:

  • The Concessions & rebates page at TasWater lets you can apply for a rebate for an undetected water leak
  • The How do I apply for a rebate? page at Tasmania Transport Services shows you how to get a 40% rebate on your Driver Licence or Registration
  • The Exemptions and rebates page at the State Revenue Office of Tasmania has lots of information on rebates for land tax and other property taxes.
How do I apply for a rebate webpage
Man pondering his lost money.

Finding lost money

Another useful online service available to all Australians is the ability to search for lost or unclaimed superannuation accounts. The Australian Tax Office's (ATO's) website at has some helpful advice on how to look for these funds.

Use the search bar at the top of the ATO's home page and type in lost super. A list of search results will appear, including more information on how to claim lost funds via your myGov account, by phone or by paper form.

If you don't yet have a myGov account, you can find out how to set this up in our Introduction to myGov courses.

Well done!

This is the end of the Claiming rebates and lost superannuation activity. You’ve learned how to use the Service Tasmania website to find concessions and rebates you may be eligible for, how to apply for them, and how to find lost money.

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