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Accessing essential services

An illustration of a box with the WA government logo on it, filled with icons of essential services

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In this activity, you'll learn about how to find and access government services using the website.

You'll learn how to quickly find Popular services, and how to search for specific services you want.

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Helping you access essential services

There are quite a few different government services websites in Western Australia, and the site helps you find what you need.

From the home page, you can click the Browse all information and services tab to see a list of categories, such as Community services and Transport.

An illustration of the Browse all information and services link on the website.
An example of a link under the Transport section of the website

Accessing popular services

When you click on a category, such as Transport, a new page will open. At the top you can see some Popular services highlighted.

Here, there are quick links to services including:

  • Check your demerit points
  • Apply for a photo card
  • Change your address with the Department of Transport.

Click any popular service link to go to a page with more information about how to access that service.

Some services are on different websites

The website doesn't host government services itself, but it will link you to the Western Australian government service website you need.

You can tell when you are going to be sent to a different website when you see a link in a black box.

An illustration of the Renew your vehicle licence link in a black box on a web page
An illustration of the browser buttons on a web page, with the Back button highlighted

Some services are on different websites (cont'd)

For example, if you are renewing your vehicle licence, and click Renew your vehicle licence, the page will update and the website address will change to

To return to the page you were on before you clicked on the link, you can click the Back button in your web browser.

Searching for services

Finding a service you want on can sometimes be a bit tricky. The easiest way is to use the Search bar in the top right of the home page.

For example, try typing find a Justice of the Peace, and pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. You'll see a list of results. At the top of the search results, you can see Find a Justice of the Peace in your area.

You can then click this link to go to a page with more information.

An illustration of the Search bar on the web page
An illustration of the Find an agency on the website

How to find government agencies

Sometimes it can be easier to find a service by visiting a government agency's website. To see an A-Z list of all Western Australian government agencies, click Find an agency at the top of the homepage.

A new page opens with all the agencies listed alphabetically. Click on an agency name to open a panel with some more details, including a link to that agency's own website, as well as its contact details.

Well done!

This is the end of the Accessing essential services activity. You've learned about popular services, and how to search for a service you need.

Up next, the Discovering everyday savings activity will show how you can use the ConcessionsWA website to find out how to save money.

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