Topic outline

  • General

    Using the camera

    This course is for anyone with an Apple iPhone who wishes to learn how to use the phone's built-in camera to take and share photos.

    Most modern iPhones come with very sophisticated cameras, as well as features that let you edit and share the photos you take. In this course, we look at how to access your phone's camera, take great photos and selfies (short for self-portraits), edit them using the phone's Photos app, and delete a picture that didn't quite capture what you wanted.

    We also find out how easy it is to send a picture to a friend and use your favourite pic as a background image to add that personal touch to your phone.

    What do I need to start this course?

    To get the most from this course, you will need the following:

    • Your Apple iPhone.
    • A little under 20 minutes to watch the video.
    • Alternatively, you might like to print and follow the steps in our course guide. You can find the guide at the bottom of this page.

    When you're ready to start, scroll down and click or tap the play button on the video.