Steve receives his order and gets inspired


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Steve receives his order and gets inspired

A jigsaw made from a personal photo

What's coming up?

In this activity, Steve receives his jigsaw made from his photo of Amy and Scruffy. You will follow along as he decides what else he can do with his photo collection and online print ordering services like SquirrelPrint.

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Steve's jigsaw arrives in a box with the photo also printed on the lid

Steve’s jigsaw arrives!

Steve’s order arrives via courier. He’s pleased to see it is packed in a nice cardboard box with a copy of the photo on the front as a reference.

He takes a quick peek inside to see all the pieces. Each piece is pleasingly thick and sturdy and has a shiny photo surface on the picture side. It’s the same quality as a commercial jigsaw puzzle.

Steve gives the puzzle to his sister

Steve’s sister Amy is delighted with the puzzle and the choice of image. She completes the puzzle over a few nights and the final result looks great. The photo of her and Scruff is crisp and high quality.

Steve's sister, Amy, receives her gift
A graphic of different things Steve can create with his photos and Squirrel Print, including framed copies and personalised coffee mugs

Steve goes back for more SquirrelPrint ideas

Since his sister Amy liked the puzzle so much, Steve decides to order some more prints of the photo from SquirrelPrint. He knows the photo is good enough to print out at a decent size, so he uploads it again.

This time, he orders a framed high-quality version of the photo for himself. Steve also uploads some other childhood photos, including one of his brother, which he orders as a personalised mug.

Steve decides to try a photo book

Now that he’s confident using SquirrelPrint, Steve decides to make a Photobook, which is a collection of photos arranged on pages. He uses the SquirrelPrint website to upload and arrange lots of photos and also include some text descriptions.

This takes him a while, but he’s able to save his progress as he goes. Steve is satisfied that SquirrelPrint is a reputable company now, so he’s comfortable uploading multiple photos to the site and saving them there.

Steve us uploading lots of photos to make a photobook for himself and his family
An icon of a padlock

eSafety tip

Using a reputable online editor for your photos is safe, because these web apps do not share your photo on the internet. The people who run these websites can’t see your photos, don’t keep copies of them, and won’t sell them to advertisers.

However, to be extra safe, you should treat using an online editor the same as if you were uploading the photo to social media. Don’t use an online editor to work on a photo you wouldn’t want anyone else to see!

Steve's photobook is coming along. He's up to recording Scruffy's birthday party!

Steve's adventures are just starting...

Photobooks let Steve get creative with his photos. He can even add text, as captions or whole pages of information.

Some online editors also have a graphic design mode where Steve can create more elaborate layouts for his photobook. The sky’s the limit for Steve!

Well done!

You have completed the Steve receives his order and gets inspired! activity. Steve has certainly got the bug for creating lovely gifts and books from his family photos. We hope you enjoy creating gifts from your own treasured photos, too!

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Scruffy's photo has been used to make a face mask, tea towel, mug, t-shirt and calendar