What happens when the auction finishes?


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What happens when the auction finishes?

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Antonio is bidding for some artwork on the eBay online marketplace. In this activity, you'll learn what happens if Antonio wins the auction for the art print.

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Notification telling Antonio he has won the auction

Antonio wins!

A week after placing his bid for an art print, Antonio receives an email from eBay to notify him that he has won the auction. It also says that he needs to pay for the artwork in order to receive it.

Antonio pays

Antonio must now pay for his purchase.

  1. He logs onto his eBay account and clicks on the shopping basket at the top right.
  2. A box pops up showing his pending purchase costs, including postage. He is happy with this and clicks on the Checkout button to proceed.
  3. eBay then shows the Checkout page. The methods by which he can make the payment are on the left-hand side. Antonio had already specified PayPal as his preferred method of payment, so he clicks on the Confirm and pay button.
Antonio promptly pays for the item
The item is on its way for delivery

After payment

Once Antonio has paid, eBay shows an Order Confirmation along with an estimated delivery date to the address Antonio has nominated in his eBay account settings.

eBay also sends a confirmation of his purchase to his email address, and PayPal sends him a receipt of payment. eBay then notifies the seller that payment has been made, so now Antonio just has to wait for the print to arrive.

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eSafety Tip

eBay and PayPal provide buyer protections, including a full refund if the condition of the item you purchase is not as it was described, or it arrives damaged. You can learn more about these protections in the How to buy online course in this topic.

The purchase is on its way

eBay sends email updates about when the item has been posted and when it's expected to arrive, so Antonio can track its progress. Once the item has been delivered, eBay sends another email confirming that it has arrived.

A notification telling Antonio that his item is on its way
Both buyer and seller receive a five star rating

Adding to each other's reputations

Antonio has received his new artwork and hangs it up in pride of place in his new home. He then logs back into eBay and leaves positive feedback for the seller, so that others know the seller is trustworthy. As Antonio paid promptly, he also receives positive feedback from the seller by return.

Pleased with his purchase, Antonio can now admire his painting and tell his friends how he won his eBay auction!

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Well done!

Congratulations, you've reached the end of the What happens when the auction finishes? activity. You've learned how to pay for an item after an auction has finished, and about the importance of leaving feedback for the seller.

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