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Other fitness apps and resources

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In this activity, you’ll learn about other apps, and how YouTube and podcasts can also be useful when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

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What comes with your smartphone

Your smartphone comes with a free health suite app which is usually adequate for the average person who is just looking to count their steps or get basic guidance. However, there are lots of other resources you can use too.

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searching apps on a smart phone

Other health apps

Your phone’s app store has lots of other health apps. These are usually focused on a particular kind of exercise (such as running or cycling) or aspect of health or wellbeing (like yoga or mindfulness). Many include video routines you can personalise to your needs.

You can find these apps by searching the app store for the kind of health or wellbeing exercise you are interested in.

Watching on big screens

Some of the health apps for mobile devices are also available as a smart TV app, so you can watch exercise and training videos on your home’s biggest screen.

Some health apps are also available online, so you can use the web browser on your computer or smart TV to watch and follow along. Examples include:

  • Down Dog for yoga
  • Strava for running and cycling
  • Map My Walk for walking.
watching yoga on a smart TV
YouTuibe on a TV and a smart phone

Guided routines and workouts

There are thousands of videos of guided routines, workouts, meditation sessions, and more online. Most are available to watch on YouTube, and you can find them by typing your area of interest into the YouTube search bar.

You can watch YouTube on any device with a web browser, including a smartphone, tablet, computer and smart TV.

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eSafety tip

You can use the web browser in your smart TV to access exercise videos, or depending on the app, stream video wirelessly from your mobile device to a smart TV. You can learn how to do this using Google ChromeCast in the Displaying your content on a smart TV course.

Many apps sync with your health suite

Standalone health apps often have the functionality to sync the data they collect with your phone’s main health suite app. This means a yoga routine you do in the Down Dog app can be added to your daily Heart Points (which track exercise) in the Google Fit health suite app on your Android phone.

lady doing yoga with Down dog and Google fit icons
examining a weekly health profile

Some apps have a health profile

You can set up an account with individual health apps to create a health profile in each app, to track your progress over time. This can be useful if you have a health goal such as losing weight or being more active.

Or you can just use app casually

Many health apps also just let you drop in for a quick session, workout, or even just to check how you are going. You don’t need to create a profile or account, and you can just use the app casually.

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paying for a subscription

Many apps have a subscription service

Health apps usually include advanced features which require a monthly subscription to access. The cost of these subscriptions is usually $10–15 a month, and there’s often a free trial period before you have to commit. Subscribing can be worth it if you’re serious about that particular exercise or activity.

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How podcasts help with healthy living

Podcasts can be a good source for health information, research and inspiration. They can give advice on what exercises to do, or motivate you as you exercise. Meditation and mindfulness podcasts can guide you through sessions, and there are podcasts to help you get to sleep.

You can find podcasts by searching online, or via the search function in a podcast app. Just enter a search term for the exercise you’re interested in and see what comes up.

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