Topic outline

  • Travelling in Australia

    In this course, you’ll see how the things you’ve learned so far about using the internet for travel come together. You’ll follow Jan and Tom as they use the internet to research, get ready for and book a trip to Western Australia.


    Welcome to 'Travelling in Australia'. In this video, we'll follow Jan and Tom as they plan a trip from Melbourne to Western Australia. While their travel agent will books their flights and accommodation in Perth, they will use the internet to make additional arrangements for their getaway.

    To begin, they visit the YouTube website on their computer to look for things to do and see in and around Perth. Tom types 'historic railways' into the search bar. Wow, the Bunbury railway day trip will be amazing! Jan types in 'First Nations tours' in to the search bar. A video for a bush tucker tasting tour appears in the results. That looks good! To learn more, they click through to the web pages for each of the tours and, using the web browser's Bookmark feature, save both pages for later. This will make the pages easy to find when Tom and Jan are ready to book their holiday activities. For now, they need to work out when to travel. They do a web search to learn the best time to visit. October looks perfect, and the wildflowers are in bloom.

    Then they visit the website to check if there are any travel advisories for WA. It's all clear, so Tom and Jan go ahead, and call their travel agent to book their flights. Once they know their flight dates, Tom returns to the bookmarked web page for the bush tucker tour. He confirms the site is genuine by checking that the web address shows the lock symbol and https. It all checks out, so he books and pays for the tour by credit card, then repeats the steps to book the Bunbury railway day trip. Great, that's two days of adventure sorted. Both activities are outside Perth, though, so they'll need to book some accommodation.

    Jan visits and searches for historic cottage stays near the location of the bush tucker tour. This one looks cute and has four-star reviews from other travellers. She clicks on it to take a closer look, taking care to check each of the photos on the web page and read the reviews. Some reviews say the hot water doesn't last very long, but Jan thinks this will be OK. She looks over other details that might affect her decision to stay, such as checkout times and if there's WiFi. Once she's satisfied, she follows the steps to book the cottage for the dates they need. Trip Advisor shows the price of the cottage from several companies, so Jan can easily compare them.

    She clicks on the cheapest one, which opens an accommodation booking website where she can complete the booking. She notes that she and Tom will have to pay a security deposit, but she's OK with that, so she provides her name and contact details, then pays by credit card. The website sends confirmation of her booking to her email address, with the details of their stay and a number to call if she has any questions. Now they're all set up. Hurry up, October!