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    and swiping

    Smart phones and tablets are wonderful gadgets that most of us would be lost without. Getting to grips with these amazing devices can be a little daunting however, as there's no mouse or separate keyboard to use. Instead, smart devices have touch-sensitive screens that allow us to open apps, type messages, take photos, read online books and more, by responding to different types of gesture. Once you know what these gestures do, smart devices become a lot easier to use.

    In this course, we are going to learn about two of the most important gestures – tapping and swiping.

    Below you will find three options for learning about them:

    • Watch it: There's a short video to watch, demonstrating how to tap and swipe using a touchscreen on a smart device.
    • Read it: You can read all about these key gestures in our handy online guide. You might also like to download the printable version of this guide to keep for future reference. You can find it in your language under the Print the guide section at the bottom of this page.
    • Try it: For smart devices only. If you are using your smart device, why not have a go at practising your taps and swipes. This informative activity takes you through a number of different scenarios where these gestures come into their own.